The Genetic Medicine Revolution

Through your DNA you can learn about your ancestry, your background, the cultures and roots that define you. More importantly, your DNA is also a roadmap to your future, how you are likely to evolve, what conditions you may be prone to, what you need to do to live a healthier, longer life.

Genomia Genetix offers a unique solution to individuals, physicians, pharmaceutical companies and researchers to unlock the power of genetic medicine for everyone, today.

That’s where we’re making a difference.

Putting the Power of Genetic Medicine in Your Hands



Only your doctor can diagnose and treat you when you become unwell, and help you maintain your wellness though prevention. To take good care of you, your physician needs to understand as much as possible about you through various measurements, inquiries, tests and imaging. Such information helps your care provider better interpret and act upon your symptoms. Now, a powerful new way exists for doctors to understand even better the information about you and your health by analyzing your DNA.

By interpreting your genetic information your doctor can help you prevent health issues before they arise, and pinpoint what ails you when symptoms do arise. This information can also help your doctor recommend the best treatment for your condition, by understanding what medications and treatments will work best for YOU, and avoid weeks or months of trial and error.


Genomia Genetix enables you to make genetic medicine part of your daily practice. Our solution helps you rapidly diagnose patients based on their genetic grouping and profile and interpret genetic test results to help target your patients’ preventative measures and therapeutic options. Our advanced collaboration platform makes it possible for you to consult and collaborate with other physicians, care givers and researchers worldwide to compare experiences around similar patients, conditions and therapeutic results.


Pharmaceutical Companies

By tapping into the world’s largest biobank of genetic information and our peerless team of medical geneticists, you can accelerate and focus drug discovery for specific patient groups and conditions, anticipate combined drug effects and contraindications and partner with physicians and researchers with actionable individualized therapies.


Health science researchers need rich up to the minute rigorous data on the health profiles of millions of patients worldwide, how they were diagnosed and responded to different therapies, by population group, symptoms, physical characteristics, family medical history and lifestyle.

Only Genomia Genetix can provide you with the intelligence and insights you need to advance health sciences through your breakthroughs and discoveries.



An individual’s health is their most precious asset, yet remaining healthy longer can be complex and costly. The best medicine really is prevention. Genetic information can reveal conditions to which individuals may be more prone, and therefore help prevent them. You can now partner with health care providers to avoid needless tests or procedures, and help heal patients more effectively and rapidly with therapies and treatment best suited to them. For insurers this is not about cutting costs but rather about being a more informed partner in healthcare.

Government Health Agencies

In addition to making genetic medicine available worldwide, Genomia Genetix also partners with cities and nation states to establish their own turnkey, full capability genetic medicine facility from testing, to diagnoses, to therapies, driven by their own population specific biobank.


We Are Revolutionizing the
Delivery of Genetic Medicine

We provide a comprehensive integrated environment for genetic medicine: one company with an end-to-end global solution providing a seamless shared platform for clinical delivery, research and peer collaboration, as well as a suite of customized services.


A Global Network of Genetic Hubs

  • Seven linked hubs covering 80% of the world’s population
  • Scalable, high-throughput genetic and genomic labs enabling cost-optimized DNA testing
  • One global federator biobank of anonymized searchable population-specific and disease-specific DNA testing

A Complete Integrated Solution

  • A genetic medicine command center for doctors
  • Complete environment to manage patients through the genetic diagnostic process: from ordering tests to diagnoses to recommended therapies and prevention
  • All content and data readily accessible and searchable through our intuitive deep knowledge base
  • 24 hour expert support from genetic interpretation experts
    interpretation experts

World’s First Truly Global Biobank

  • Biobank covering population groups worldwide
  • Anonymized data married to longitudinal and phenotype data
  • Interpretation and consulting assistance from our team of peerless scientists, geneticists and biostatisticians

Expert Genetic Analysis and Interpretation

  • Supported by the 20+ years expertise of Genomia experts in biosciences and genetics
  • Deep insight and actionable reports to provide precise diagnoses, therapies and prevention at scale

World’s Most Advanced Collaboration Platform

  • Enables patient or condition specific instant collaboration and consultation across disciplines and time zones
  • Higher intelligence to identify trends and seed vibrant communities of interest

A Dynamically Growing Knowledge Base

  • One of the world’s pre-eminent sources of genetic content and data
  • Continuously updated with new learning, new findings, new data from Genomia’s research and from our collaborative communities

Cloud Based Secure Architecture

  • Easy cloud access to PCs, laptops, tablets and mobiles
  • Total security of genetic data

Genomia Genetix for Physicians

One Solution. One Platform. Broad Collaboration. Actionable Support.

We provide physicians with everything they need at their fingertips: incisive and actionable DNA reports, broad and deep collaboration communities around the world sharing experiences on breakthrough treatments.

  • Diagnostic Insight
  • Actionable Therapies
  • Preventive Care Guidance
  • Global Peer Collaboration
  • Vast Knowledge base
  • Secure Cloud Delivery
  • Expert Support

Our Genetic Tests

Our genomic tests deliver the intelligence and expert interpretation to optimize diagnosis, treatment decisions and prevention in the following focus areas